Adding and Configuring Social Links


The Indigo theme allows users to maintain and display a selection of links to their social presence. A recent modification to this functionality makes configuring and maintaining these links, very easy.



Traditionally, a pre-defined set of social links were made available for the user to enable/disable, via the use of named configuration variables in _config.yml, like so:

facebook: myfacebook
twitter: mytwitter
# google: mygoogle
# instagram: myinstagram
# pinterest: mypinterest
linkedin: mylinkedin
youtube: myyoutube
spotify: myspotify
github: mygithub

Depending on which links were required, the user would un-comment (remove the ‘#’ symbol at the beginning of the line) specific lines of the config and replace the dummy names (myfacebook, mytwitter, etc.) with their actual IDs from each of the sites.

Once enabled, the _includes/social-links.html file would rely on the configs and display the corresponding set of links along with icon assets from _include/icons.html.


With the existing implementation, it was not very easy to add new links or re-order them on the home page. To make this process easier, the following improvements were made.


These changes are fully backward compatible with the previous social link configuration set in _config.yml. No changes are needed as long as you did not make modifications to your own _includes/social-links.html.

If you use the new social-links-order variable, ensure that you add all the social media names to the list, otherwise they will not show up.

Additions for scientific users

For users in the scientific/academic fields who wish to link out to relevant resources that track their publication records, citation impact metrics, etc., Indigo now offers a set of scientific social linkouts to the following websites:

John Doe

John Doe

A Man who travels the world eating noodles

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